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Here is information to help you with your new boat purchase. You can get basic information by clicking on the boat you are interested in. It will give you the weight range for that boat. You will need to decide which construction you would like. You can read about them by clicking on the boat you want and then clicking on the ‘constructions’ tab. With SCS, you also get a free cover and weights, and you can submit a custom design if you wish.* For other constructions, you can click on the ‘color schemes’ tab to create a design. You can buy a cover and weights for these boats. If buying a kayak, you will need to decide what type of seat and footrest to get. These can be viewed by going to Here, you will also see other various items for sale. If buying a C1 or C2, you can also order a block that will fit the block cage, which is provided with the boat. Once you decide what you may want, click here, and fill out the quote request form. We will then send you a quote. The quote will contain all the information you need to order the boat. The price on the quote includes all costs to have it delivered to Oakville, Ontario. Shipping and insurance from there will be your responsibility, though we will assist in finding economical ways to get it to you. Full payment for the boat is required before the boat leaves Oakville. The next shipment is estimated to arrive here in April or May 2017 or when there are enough orders to fill the container. The order deadline is Jan 31, 2017. If there are not enough orders, the deadline will be extended and the shipment will be delayed. * The Nelo factory will do their best at replicating your custom design as close as possible, however, some designs are harder than others to copy and there may be differences in your design and what is actually put on the boat. Nelo Canada is not responsible for these differences and you will be accountable for the full price of the boat.